Dearly beloved this is LTBS, a sponsored program that urges a return to biblical Christianity and the doctrine of the apostles of Jesus Christ which we read about in the pages of the New Testament in our Bibles. The churches of Christ believe that there was an apostasy, that is, a going away from God and His words about 100 years after the church began as predicted and prophesied by God, Jesus and His prophets and apostles. We also believe that God commands all of us to return to His words which guarantees our salvation and is designed to make us become like God and behave like Jesus in this world.

If you are joining us for the first time we welcome you to LTBS where we study the word of God in its context and not misuse the word for selfish purposes.

Today’s topic focuses onConfusing our thoughts with the word of God.  This lesson is of vital importance because of the preponderance of incidence of many manipulating preachers and pastors who claim that God told them things that nobody can collaborate. Sometimes these people make ridiculous claims but nobody is willing to say anything against these so called revelations from God because they do not know if it is true or not. If God has told someone to tell us something and we do not listen to him or her and on the last day the very words may surely stand against us in judgment and we will regret doubting the words of the man or woman of God.

Beloved friends, this topic is very important because today we see bizarre things in Christian religion giving Christianity a bad name. Some pastors commit fornication and adultery with their members claiming God told them to do so and the foolish and ignorant flock yield to these master deceivers. Many spend their life savings on these kinds of people believing they are serving God and doing wonderful things in His name and for Him. The sad part is that if they do not look carefully to their ways, guided by God’s word, they may receive the shocking statement at the end of life, “I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.”

Before we continue, please let us pray.

Oh Lord our God, the Father of our souls and the creator of heaven and earth, we come to you with great awe realizing that we are unworthy to comer before you. We come to you with thanksgiving realizing the great love you have for us in this world. We have rain in its season, sunshine daily and night follows daytime unfailingly. We thank you dear Lord for the blood that cleanses us from all our unrighteous deed and thoughts. We ask O Lord that you grant us insight into your word and will for us, especially as we study your word this day. Please direct our leaders in this country and teach them O Lord your fear so that they will rule us with fairness and justice rather than insult the sheep under their care by maltreating them with highhandedness and disdain. We thank you Father for the positive change that appears to be coming to this nation and we pray that it be permanent. Be with us now O Lord, as we study your great revelation and help us to gain eternal life from it we pray in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen

Friends, it is true that God spoke to some people we read about in the Bible. It is from this narratives that many today are under the illusion that God is still speaking to them today. Inspiration ended by 100 AD by the time the last apostle, John who wrote the last book of the NT, died on the Island which he was banished. John warned that Christians must test the spirit that claims that God has spoken to him or her. The litmus test is seen in the Bible. LTBS:

1John 4:1-6

There are two groups of listeners in this passage. Those who are termed the world who are listening go these liars and are carried away into bondage by them and those who know God and will not listen to anything that deviate from the revelation of the true apostles and messengers of God.

The difference is clear. John says that he and other apostles and prophets are from God and what they were given to give to the world is from God. The test therefore is to carefully compare what they have given with what anyone is revealing as coming from God today and we can easily deduce those who are false and those who are truly from God.

Beloved let us consider a few Bible passages to help put perspective on this thought.

John 17:6-21

The language is clear dearly beloved. Jesus is committing the Words of God which He brought from heaven to men He trained them for more than 3 years. He said their task is to give the world these Words and the world will come to know Christ and His ways, commandments and promises through these men and what they leave behind for the rest of the world. We all are to believe in Jesus through their word and not through the words of another! Where is the indication that Christ will be using other men to reveal His will today? The prayer of Jesus only cover those who will believe in Him through the apostles words. Listening friend, are you covered in this prayer or are you following the words of men instead of the words of Jesus? Remember that the Bible says that in this dispensation, God is not revealing anything to anybody except through Christ. He is God’s last spokesman (Heb 1:1-2). If you believe anybody other than Jesus, OYO (on your own) is your name.

Again in John 20:30-31 

The apostles made sure they wrote down the message of God which Jesus gave them so that nobody will be deceived. John said the narrative about Jesus have been written. Are people trying to add to the Bible with their new “God told me” revelations? Is their revelations in line with apostolic writings?

Heb 2:1-4 Please combine this with Mar 16:20 

Again here the biblical messenger said that we must pay attention to what have been revealed. No new truth will be revealed. God revealed all that pertain to life and godliness. When someone tells me that God told him or her something, I look at him with compassion and pity because he may have confused his thoughts with God’s word. Jesus promised to reveal the whole truth to the men He chose and trained. God attested, or gave these men credentials so that the whole world can know that they are from Him, the Almighty God. The signs and miracles they did cannot be replicated in today’s world. Even their shadow healed the sick!!! God revealed all the truth to these men and we are not to allow what they have given us to slip away. It is what they have given us that we are now using to debunk claims of “God told me”! LTBS:

Joh 16:13 

If all the truth has been revealed, what is God still revealing to modern so called prophets and pastors? Are we to believe that God has revealed all truth or that God is still revealing some truth today? Did Jesus keep His promise to reveal all truth to the apostles as per His prayer in John 17:6, 8, 20? LTBS:

2Pet 1:3

Dear friends, will God tell a lie? Will the Holy Spirit deceive us? If all things that pertain to life and godliness has been revealed then it stands to reason that the “Baba told me” revelations do not pertain to life and godliness but may actually pertain to death and ungodliness. There is no middle ground. It is either from God or not from God. Let us take an example:

Listen to what one pastor who claims special revelation said: “Before coming to this crusade tonight, I was praying in the Holy Ghost in my room and the Spirit of the Lord came on me strongly and revealed to me that there are many people here tonight that are in debt to the point that creditors are calling them up. Some of you are perpetually in debt and have been paying late charges that should be going to advance the kingdom of God. God has told me today that if you obey him this night and sow a seed in faith with the sum of 5,000 to 20,000, God is going to get involved and your debt situation will be miraculously turned around! God will rebuke the devourer, and the cankerworm that has eaten holes in your pockets is going to destroyed tonight as you give in Jesus name!”

Does this sound like something that pertain to life and godliness or rather the commercialization of the word of God? Maybe Paul and Peter and other prophets who revealed God’s total truth forgot that if people sow monetary seeds to their own pockets God will miraculously solve Christians’ financial problems. I’m sure Matt 6:33 is being re-written and I will rather believe what the Lord himself had already said concerning prosperity and economic success in that Matthew passage: LTBS

Mat 6:31-33

Dear friends, are you beginning to appreciate the truth of the matter? God has already told us that these things would happen and we are seeing it korokoro.

Lastly dear friends, let us consider a biblical example:

1Ki 13:11-22

Beloved, this story shows us that religious people tell lies. God appears to allow it maybe to test those who will stay true to His words which is already revealed. In this story the young prophet had been doing so well rejecting any offer to deviate from God’s word even when the king offered him gifts of food, drinks and a material reward in gratitude for what he did.

But when a so called man of God or another prophet came to ask him to violate God’s word, he initially refused saying what he was proposing is contrary to God’s word. What made him change his mind? The older man who is a liar by the way said, “God told me to tell you –through an angel” A different gospel! No wonder Paul said, Gal 1:8-9 Beloved listener, the example we see in 1Kings 13 helps us to know that religious men and women can be liars who will say that God told them something but it is a brazen lie. Why should religious people who claim to be servants of God tell lies? Though there are many variables involved in lies of men and women, the fact it that the innocent lamb or sheep of God must be wary that pastors and evangelists in the religious landscape are capable, and not only capable, but are involved in terrible and damming lies. The word of God has many warnings to the people of God to beware of those who dress like, or pretend to be holy people of God and say they have been sent by God to deliver His message but are false. Jesus said they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. LTBS: Mat 7:15-16


Beloved friends, if someone comes to you or you go to church and you are told, God told me to tell you, what should come to your mind is “Is this actually true? Did this man get an instruction from God to tell me this? You may wonder also, “is this revelation a part of what God describes as all things that pertain to life and godliness?” But God has already revealed all that so what is this new revelation? If it conforms to what the apostles have already given us, then it is from God but it is then a lie that God told him because God had revealed that 2000 years ago so it is not a new thing! The man better says, God said in His word according to the book of ….” Don’t just open your heart to any and sundry message purportedly coming from God. God says, test the spirit! Many have gone into the world that are contrary spirits making merchandise of God’s people. Jesus said, “my sheep hear my voice” Are you a sheep of Christ? Or are you still in the world believing what worldly minded phonies tell you?  Please remember, They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them.  (6)  We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error. The apostle says they are from God and whoever knows God listen to them and no other!

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